Update on Media Policy for the Zimmerman Defense

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The only post the defense team has made on the GZLegalCase.com website since the State’s Second Motion for Gag Order dated October 18 was an article entitled “Zimmerman Defense Invites Public Scrutiny of Media Policy.” Otherwise, we had effectively suspended our digital media campaign out of respect to the Court while the Second Motion for Gag Order was under consideration.

On October 29, Judge Nelson entered her Order Denying State’s Second Motion for Gag Order, in which the Court states, “Upon review of the exhibits attached to the motions and memoranda and exhibits introduced at the hearing, there has not been an overriding pattern of prejudicial commentary that will overcome reasonable efforts to select a fair and impartial jury.”

We interpreted Judge Nelson’s ruling neither as an endorsement of nor as a concern with our digital media presence. We maintain our position that managing a digital media presence is a necessity considering the high profile nature of the Zimmerman case, especially in light of the intense negative media coverage Mr. Zimmerman received as a result of the relentless, coordinated public relations campaign mounted against him.We will continue our digital media policy as we defined it in our article entitled “Why Social Media For George Zimmerman,” where we identified seven goals for our digital media campaign. Moving forward, we may change the emphasis of our campaign to goals that we have not focused on heavily so far. Should that be done, we will maintain our principle of transparency by outlining those changes on the website.

On June 20, we updated our goals, in regards to Disputing Misinformation, to include posting public documents associated with the case. We received a number of responses to our article “Zimmerman Defense Invites Public Scrutiny of Media Policy” which noted that, while we have been posting some of the public documents associated with the case, we have not posted all public documents associated with the case. The criticism is that by being selective about what we post, we are effectively editorializing with our decision of omission or inclusion.

From now on, we will post ALL public documents associated with the Zimmerman case, including motions filed by the defense and the State, as well as orders filed by the Court. We will file Notices of Deposition; however, we will continue to maintain the previously guarded privacy of certain witnesses, and will not post the names of witnesses being deposed unless their names have been previously disclosed by the State. These witness categories include law enforcement officers and witnesses who have voluntarily disclosed their identity to the media.

Here are links to case documents filed since our last post:

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