Zimmerman Defense Begins Discovery Process

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The Defense has begun its own discovery process now that the State has delivered substantially all of its discovery in the case against George Zimmerman. To date, there are still a number of items that the State has not submitted to the Defense that we feel are relevant to the case. We will be seeking these items and evidence through all appropriate means.

Our first request is a series of Subpoenas for Production of Documents requesting school records for Trayvon Martin. In the coming weeks, we will be issuing subpoenas for other items including potentially relevant data from social media platforms, reports related to chain of custody to key evidence, interviews and more.

It has become our practice to post to our website legal documents related the case as they become public record, and this will continue to be the case with our discovery requests. Moreover, any discovery we submit that becomes public record will also be posted on our website. In the case of Trayvon Martin’s school records, they are protected and will NOT be part of the public record, without appropriate court order.

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