Evidence Submitted at the June 29 George Zimmerman Bond Hearing

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At the June 29 Bond Hearing, the defense submitted a number of exhibits into evidence in an effort to demonstrate the weaknesses of the State’s case against George Zimmerman and illustrate the strength of Mr. Zimmerman’s claim of self defense. As evidence submitted by the defense is to be made public record, we feel it is appropriate to provide it here:

Zimmerman Bond Hearing Exhibits

Witness 11

Witness 20

Witness 6

Zimmerman Statements

Zimmerman Reenactment February 27: Send us a media request, and we will provide you a link to this large file.

Trayvon Martin 711 Photos

Composite Exhibit of Photos of George Zimmerman From the Night of the Incident

George Zimmerman Medical Report

Medical Examiner’s Report of Trayvon Martin