Release of Zimmerman Phone Calls From Jail

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The Court has received our motion for clarification regarding Mr. Zimmerman’s phone calls while in jail, and has agreed to consider the motion at the scheduled June 29 hearing. The motion addressed 145 of the 151 phone calls from jail, and it is our contention that the calls are not only irrelevant to the charges against Mr. Zimmerman, but they could jeopardize friends and family of Mr. Zimmerman who are unrelated to the case.

The remaining six calls contain conversations which are relevant to the bond hearing and were cited by the prosecution in their motion to revoke bond, and we do not object to the release of these calls. As they are to be made public today, and as they are the phone calls of our client, we are providing access to these calls on our website. We are compiling a list of other potentially relevant phone calls and we will present them when appropriate.

Below is a copy of our motion:

Below are the phone 6 phone calls cited by the State: