Independent Administrator for the George Zimmerman Defense Fund

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An independent administrator has been chosen to oversee the George Zimmerman Defense Fund. The third-party administrator is a former IRS agent, and currently works as a CPA with experience managing Chapter 7 Trustee Funds.

The legal defense fund, as initially envisioned by George Zimmerman, as stated on his now-closed website, was set up to provide for living expenses and to fund costs and legal fees associated with his defense. This will also be the purpose of the new legal defense fund.

The fund's administrator will have sole discretion regarding the dispersal of funds, and guidelines will be put in place to define reasonable living expenses for Mr. Zimmerman and his family and to fund necessary legal expenses. Neither Mr. Zimmerman nor The O’Mara Law Group will have direct access to the funds.

There will be a strict level of confidentiality regarding those who donate to the George Zimmerman Defense Fund as their active donating is regarded as a private event and does not open them to public scrutiny.

While we are recommending a level of transparency regarding the use of these funds, that transparency is most appropriately afforded to the donors, as they are the source of the funds utilized.